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EV Charging Installers

EV Charging Installers

We have experience in the industry and take pride in being the nation's go-to EV groundwork specialists

EV Charging Installers in the Northwest

EV car charging installers in the northwest, at Mitre Civils we specialise in civils and groundworks helping EV Installers across the uk with the installation process.

EV car charging Installers in both domestic and commercial

Mitre Civils UK LTD are EV car charger installation specialists and work with leading manufacturers in the latest EV technology.  We install EV charger stations on both domestic and commercial properties and have fully qualified OZEV-Approved EV installers located throughout the UK.

We will advise you on the best EV charge point for your specific requirements making sure you get the right charger for your vehicle or fleet whether that be for home or workplace.

EV Charging Installers

Our Services

Commercial EV Groundworks

We cover the whole of the UK connecting businesses and business premises with
EV charger facilities.


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Domestic EV Groundworks

With over 20 years experience in landscaping, we provide a service to install your EV charger points to an existing landscape.

Why Choose Us?

We have 20+ years experience in landscape, design and construction.   We provide groundworks/civils surrounding EV charger points to businesses and domestic properties throughout the UK.   With our experience in the landscape industry, you can rest assured that all our works are finished to a high spec with minimal disruption throughout.  

EV Charging Installers

EV Blocks in various sizes, colours & styles.

The key benefits of using EV blocks is the strength & durability with a fantastic finish.

Our installation team are experts in the landscaping sector, so any reinstating of work carried out is completed to a very high standard.

We supply and install twin wall ducting in various siz


EV Charging Installers

Our team have completed numerous projects for commercial clients installing EV charger point systems for staff and customers throughout the UK at schools, retail outlets and holiday parks connecting their commercial fleets with EV charge point systems. 

With our experience in the landscaping sector, our team can install your EV charger system with minimal disruption throughout.

Our experts can advise and guide you through choosing the most suitable EV charge point to meet your needs and requirements.

EV Charging Installers

EV Charging Installers

Electrical vehicles are becoming increasingly popular due their low running costs and low environmental impact. Mitre Civils UK LTD specialise in this area, installing both domestic and commercial electrical vehicle charging points.

Power Purchase Agreements Making solar PV systems accessible

Did you know?

Solar PV Power Purchase Agreements (PPA) are not the reserve of businesses who lack the capital for up-front investments.

Many of the world’s largest businesses benefit from powering their businesses through PPAs.

Ford, Google and McDonald’s all leverage PPAs in their energy
strategy to keep costs and carbon low.

EV Charging Installers
EV Charging Installers

Determining suitability

With our sector agreements and expertise, we can help determine
the opportunity for your business to benefit from solar PV PPAs
with a free, no-obligation quote.

Typically, we can replace approximately 50 per cent of your grid
exposure with savings of 30 per cent or more versus grid prices.
We can structure agreements for multiple building tenants, shared
spaces and more complex arrangements.

For landlords, we can
structure a revenue-generating PPA, which also benefits tenants
with cheaper electricity.

Longer-term agreements can lead to even better unit-rate savings.
We can offer up to 30-year contract terms.

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