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Agricultural buildings

We supply and erect all types of agricultural buildings

Agricultural Buildings

We are able to provide a service supplying and erecting agricultural buildings specialising in rural locations.

Whether it be a new complete build or extension of existing buildings, we cover it all from indoor horse arenas to work shops, stables, tack rooms and storage.

These can be designed and constructed for every purpose to suit individual needs. 


Why Choose Us?

With our experience in the landscape industry, you can rest assured that all our works are finished to a high spec with minimal disruption throughout.  


Agricultural buildings are easy to construct and cost effective solution for farm owners to use as storage.

Detached single storey agricultural buildings under 300 square metres are generally exempt from the building regulations.

If you would like more information on agricultural buildings please get in touch.  

Agricultural buildings are used to house farm machinery and/or equipment, produce, livestock and poultry.

The advantage of having a steel framed building is the reduction in energy costs with steel being an good conductor of heat.

Agricultural buildings are typically warm especially in Winter.

You could also upgrade to an insulated roof system to ensure maximum warmth.  We can also provide solar panel roofing to minimise your energy costs.  

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