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Outdoor Paddocks

We install outdoor paddocks / arenas

Outdoor paddocks / Arenas

Outdoor arenas create a safe space for equestrian purposes.  

Our arenas come with a full drainage system as standard and  a variety of lighting methods to suit your requirements.

We can design and construct your outdoor arena/paddock with a surface finish using a choice of Silica sand, epoxy resin, rubber or EASYFIX.  

Our outdoor arena paddocks come with a full drainage system and lighting included.  

Please contact us to discuss your individual requirements.


Why Choose Us?

With our experience in the landscape industry, you can rest assured that all our works are finished to a high spec with minimal disruption throughout.  

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When choosing a surface for your arena there are many factors to consider.  This essentially would include your budget, the number of horses using it and whether it is indoor or outdoor. 

Personal preference is also an important consideration.

You could choose from silica sand and/or rubber as well as wood chip and wax coating.  

We would be more than happy to discuss your requirements in greater detail. 

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