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Pasture Perfection: Custom Outdoor Paddock Installations by Mitre Civils

Transform your landscape into a haven for equine activity with Mitre Civils’ bespoke outdoor paddock installations. Experience the pinnacle of pasture perfection.

Premier Outdoor Paddock & Arena Installations by Mitre Civils

Mitre Civils is dedicated to crafting state-of-the-art outdoor arenas that provide a secure environment for all equestrian activities. Each arena is equipped with an integrated drainage system and a selection of lighting options to accommodate your specific needs.

Our design and construction services are tailored to include your choice of premium surface finishes such as Silica sand, epoxy resin, rubber, or EASYFIX, ensuring optimal performance and durability.

For a bespoke outdoor arena or paddock that meets your exact specifications, please reach out to us. We are committed to delivering excellence and functionality in every project.


Why Choose Us?

With our experience in the landscape industry, you can rest assured that all our works are finished to a high spec with minimal disruption throughout.  

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Selecting the ideal surface for your arena is a nuanced decision that hinges on several key factors. Your budget, the frequency of use, and the type of arena—be it indoor or outdoor—all play pivotal roles in this choice. Moreover, personal preference should not be overlooked, as it significantly influences the final selection.

Options range from the classic silica sand to versatile rubber, as well as eco-friendly wood chip and durable wax coatings. We invite you to engage in a detailed discussion with us to explore the possibilities and pinpoint the surface that best aligns with your equestrian aspirations.

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